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(04) 109 89504

Your NDIS Plan Management Specialist in OZ

Journey to Spring Disability Services becomes your NDIS “simplifier,” giving you direct access to a team of industry specialists who work full-time to cut through the bureaucracy surrounding the financing for many Australians just like you. We’ll interact with your suppliers, manage your NDIS budget, pay your bills (ensuring you’re paid correctly!), and much more.

What is Journey to Spring Disability Services

Journey to Spring Disability Services is an NDIS-registered provider that assists participants in managing their NDIS funding. That is, the NDIS pays for our services, and we engage with you to:

Manage your Budget and Cost

We can help you use your NDIS money well. Our experts can help you spend it right and get the most out of it. Don't risk spending too much or too little. We're here to support you!

Deal with your Support Providers

NDIS only allows for registered providers, but we offer more flexibility so you can choose the best services for you and your budget.

Offer Independant guidance Support

We simplify NDIS payment management by working with your service providers directly. Our online system and app enable budget and spending monitoring.

Why Choose Journey to Spring Disability Services?

We offer comprehensive Plan Management Services across Australia to assist you in managing your NDIS plan. Our team provides expert support, budget management, provider payments, and regular reporting to keep you informed. Rest assured knowing that our team of experts will work closely with your network to obtain the services and support you need. Let us help make your NDIS journey a success!

OZCare choice


Plan controlled NDIS participants may utilise both registered and unregistered providers, and we help you in exercising choice and control over the services and supports you require and how you spend your money.
OZCare advice


We provide current information, perceptive counsel, and individualised assistance from our team of NDIS professionals.
OZCare community


We give you access to the Kinora marketplace where you may obtain assistance and services as well as a community of people with solutions.
OZCare hassle-free


We relieve the hassle of managing your NDIS budget so you can focus on what’s important.
OZCare commitment


We are dedicated to upholding our values of kindness, sincerity, innovation, and inclusivity in all of our interactions with you.
OZCare no-cost

No Cost

If your NDIS plan includes plan management, we provide all of this for free.

What's Journey to Spring-
MY Plan Manger?

Without questionon, the NDIS is a complicated creature, and maintaining your funds may be time-consuming on top of everything else. OZCare Disability Services and Plan Manager can help with that.

Since our establishment, we have been helping individuals with disabilities make the most of their NDIS plans.
Our owner, Gulumser Goz, devised the concept for OZCare Plan Manager at her home one day while working at the Australia Disability Services Agency.

Creating an open Australia where everyone can realise their full potential is still our objective today, just as it was for her back then. Being courteous, sincere, inventive, and inclusive are the pillars of our principles, which guide all we do.

OZCare Plan Manager

Comprehensive Primary Service Help and Care for Disability Clients of All Ages

When it comes to professionalism and expertise, Journey to Spring consistently exceeds our expectations. Their staff members are highly skilled and possess a deep understanding of their respective fields. They exhibit a level of knowledge that instils confidence in us, knowing that we are in capable hands.

Words from Our Clients

Recent Support News

Welcome to our latest update on the exceptional support initiatives happening within our organization. At Journey to Spring, we are driven by a profound commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of individuals and communities. In the News post, we are excited to share some of our recent support news, highlighting the remarkable endeavours that have touched and transformed countless lives.

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