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Plan Management in my NDIS Plan?

OZCare Plan Managed

How do I get Plan Management in my NDIS Plan

It is simple to set up your plan for National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) plan management; simply ask your NDIA planner or local area coordinator (LAC) to set up your plan as “plan managed” and add “Improved Life Choices” in your budget at your first planning meeting or review meeting. If your plan has already begun, you can request a soft touch review from the NDIS.

Getting your first NDIS plan

This is an excellent opportunity to learn about plan management and how it may benefit you once you have a plan. If you haven’t yet applied for the NDIS, here are some pointers to help you acquire your NDIS plan.

Once you begin the planning process, you will need to perform some preparation; OZCare can calculate a budget for you to assist you in determining how much funds you may require. Ask your NDIA planner or LAC to include plan management when you attend your planning meeting. You will not be charged for plan management, and your planner will put ‘Improved Life Choices’ in your plan to pay our expenses.

Getting ready for your next plan

Your current plan is set to expire, and you must now think about what went well in your previous Plan and what you would like to alter. You might want to consider which suppliers you wish to utilise in your next strategy to reach your objectives. Being plan-managed grants, you can access all providers and businesses in Australia. Simply ask your planner or LAC to put “Improved Life Choices” in your budget if you wish to be plan managed.

Part way through a Plan

Have an NDIS plan that is agency or self managed?

If you’re in the middle of your plan and are agency or self-managed, but wish to move to plan management, you must contact your planner or LAC and seek a soft touch’ review to add plan management.

Already have an NDIS plan with Plan Management included?

You can join up with a plan manager if financial management is covered in your NDIS plan (listed as Improved Life Choices or Choice and Control). OZCare provides quick and straightforward online sign-up. Fill in all of your information, then read and agree to our Service Agreement. You may also join up over the phone with a member of our Welcome team. It would be extremely useful if you could provide us with a copy of your NDIS Plan to ensure your budget allocations are correct when we set up your account.

Transferring from another plan manager?

If you are moving from another plan manager within the current plan’s dates, you must first complete the following steps:

  1. Inform the NDIA at 1800 800 110 that you want to move your plan management to OZCare Disability Services.
  2. Request that your existing plan manager cancel their service booking and lower their available cash to zero.

Then, to sign up for OZCare Disability Services to manage your Plan, give us a call and we’ll get you set up over the phone, or just register online.

With a devoted, pleasant workforce, OZCare Disability Services is the most experienced NDIS plan manager. All we do is plan management. We are entirely independent and dedicated to assisting you in realising the full potential of your strategy. We provide quick invoice payment, professional budget guidance, and online budget tracking.

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